Please note: Updates on this site are infrequent, and may take a while as I must collect material for the site. 

๒๓-๘-๑-๒๐ ๒๓-๑-๑๙ ๙ ๒๐-๘-๙-๑๔-๑๑-๙-๑๔-๗?

Warning: this site is not entirely optimized for mobile, I am working on it.

My cool funt1me updatus s1te

Have fun

Purpose of the site:

the purpose of this site is for "interesting" things and just a place to have a fun good algebraic times

(if you want, I wouldn't want to force you to do anything you wouldn't want to do)

Please enjoy this picture (if you want)

history of images displayed here

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